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Scott is a nationally recognized speaker and space entrepreneur who inspires his audiences by sharing his story of building a space company from scratch.

Scott created Starsys Research Corporation after he brought NASA an invention made of hardware store parts and suggested it be used on spacecraft. Starsys grew to become the small space company to work for and with, building devices for more than 350 spacecraft, including the motor that recently lowered the NASA rover Curiosity to the Martian surface. By evangelizing Fun, Family and Excellence, Starsys created a legendary corporate culture that was responsible for more than 4000 devices flown in space with an unprecedented 100% success rate.

Scott went on to found eSpace: The Center of Space Entrepreneurship, the only congressionally funded not-for-profit organization that helps emerging space entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Scott is now deep in his next venture, deploying the worlds first Cloud-based distracted driving solution, in partnership with three US mobile phone providers.  See his recent interview with Katie Couric here!

Yahoo News - Katie Couric and Scott Tibbitts:

Katie Couric's interview with Scott Tibbitts

Leading At The Edge: Adventures of a Space Entrepreneur

Through a passionate and inspiring presentation laced with anecdotes from his involvement of some of the most exciting space missions of the past 20 years, Scott shares how we can learn to recognize the "Nudges" that we all experience in our lives, that when pursued with tenacity, can blossom into life changing opportunity.


Escaping the Entrepreneurs Prison

As entrepreneurial leaders create from nothing but vision and determination, they build a self-constructed prison that prevent success. Scott shares the four barriers to success that entrepreneurs unknowingly create, and how they can be unlocked allowing entrepreneurs to fully realize their dreams.

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InfusionCreate Your Legendary Organization

Leaders strive for it but few succeed: Creating an organizational DNA that attracts world-class talent and world-class business. From the experience of creating and developing what became a legendary organization in an industry not known for organizational innovation, Scott shares the counterintuitive principles that create a company that has people "pounding on the doors" to work for, and to work with.

We yearn for our companies to become legendary;  where people love what they do and who they work with. Check out a space company that Infused fun into the workplace and built this kind of power in their team.



Meet Scott Tibbits

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